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Walking towards the Future

In the Spring of 2017, our program partner and supporter 72andSunny commissioned Creative Art Works to create a mural for the lobby of their spectacular new Brooklyn office. CAW hired a team of Youth Apprentices to work under the guidance of visiting artist Mike Perry and CAW Teaching Artist Jessie Novik.

72andSunny’s Founder and CEO John Boiler and several members of the executive management team decided the design should reflect the perspective of the Youth Apprentices. Taking this directive literally, The Apprentices painted contour lines of their own silhouettes onto the wall and then filled those shapes in with designs. Some designs were representational, while others had hidden meanings known only to a single artist. The result was a mural that expresses the individual voices of each of the artists, yet hangs together as a cohesive work.

Read more about this public art youth employment project on our blog.

Interested in commisioning art or mulitmeida project for your public space? Check out our commissions page for more information, or email Brian Ricklin, Executive Director & CEO at brian@creativeartworks.org.



55 Water Street, 6th Floor Brooklyn, NY 11201