Young people in the under-resourced communities of NYC face many challenges — from poverty to literacy to recent immigration to foster care and incarceration. We know that art works to engage these kids in their education, to help them forge strong connections with the core curriculum, and to develop the creativity, confidence, and critical thinking skills they will need to succeed in a 21st century workforce.


At Creative Art Works, we believe those young people deserve the same creative resources and opportunities as those in the more affluent parts of our city. This is why we strive to put young people on the path toward better futures by teaching them that their voices matter; that they’re not powerless, but powerful beyond measure.

Every year, art works for thousands of young people.


We are adults who respect and listen to students. 

We are mentors who love and support them.

We are a community that fosters a safe environment for creative self-expression and celebrates their courage to create. 


Personal, technical, creative, and workplace skills.

Skills that translate into better academic participation and performance.

Skills that serve them beyond the classroom.


Programs increase attendance and decrease behavioral issues - a recent program increased attendance 200%.

Programs improve standardized testing and grades and the probability of passing the math and English Regents. 

Program participants graduate high school, secure jobs, go on to college, and work to improve their communities.