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Scott Lucas

Marketing & Communications Manager

Scott joined CAW as Communications and Marketing Manager in late 2014. Scott was hired to help build the CAW brand by creating and maintaining print and web publications, growing CAW’s presence on social media, and developing innovative earned revenue opportunities. Scott will also be working behind the scenes to manage and increase our database of constituents and to organize our extensive and rapidly growing photo and video library.

Scott has nearly three decades of experience in writing and graphic arts. He was previously the Director of Marketing and Research for Phil Fraley Productions, Inc., a studio that fabricated museum exhibits, including mounts for fossils and other natural history specimens. Scott holds a Masters of Professional Writing from The University of Southern California and a Bachelor of History from The George Washington University. He spent four years as a secondary school teacher in South Central Los Angeles and three semesters teaching remedial English at Bronx Community College.

In his free time, Scott writes fiction and illustrates his own stories. He is an avid bike rider, boxer and an Instagram addict. Scott has a standing gig teaching dinosaur sculpture to young children during the Annual Dinosaur Day at the Newark Museum.