Horizon Center Juvenile Counselor Jonathan "JD" Davis talks about what young people need to be successful.
Interview by CAW Teaching Artist Max Allbee

Jonathan "JD" Davis, a Juvenile Counselor at the Horizon Center in the Bronx talks about the three things young people need to be successful. In his 17 years at the Horizon Center, Jonathan has refined his approach to guiding young people to make better choices, and he articulates it clearly and compellingly in this seven minute clip. 

For six weeks, Creative Art Works, in collaboration with PAL New York has been working with young Residents of the Horizon Center, which is run by the New York City Administration for Children's Services.  on a mural about rehabilitation and hope. CAW Teaching Artist Max Allbee conducted the interview.

The official unveiling of this mural will be Wednesday, August 12th, 5:30 PM. This event is by appointment only. Please call (646) 424-0392 to make arrangements. 


CAW Youth Employee Elmo Williams raps about his experience creating a mural at the PAL Harlem Center


 By Elmo Williams

 My team pull up on your block skur skur
Drawing murals
We did it with all types of materials
And shout out to the wall cause it got us through my day
And man it wasn't easy we ain't have the spray
We had a paintbrush
And just us
man we was a team
For six weeks
We was on that wall
All different colors
Even got paint
on the floor
Paint warriors
We call the shots
119 Manhattan ave
that’s where we rock
Police athletic league
But we ain't cops
No we not
We paint warriors
Like Jay-Z on the rock
We striving for tge tgrone
Like basqiout on the wall
We trynna move the brush
And The mural all about jazz and i like that
I hope next year
New comers don’t resight that
I’m gone